In 1997 the Berkeley Environmental Simulation Laboratory completed its 25th year of operation. Originally funded by the National Science Foundation, the Lab has a threefold mission: RESEARCH in visual perception, SERVICE to local governments regarding project visualization for decision-making purposes, and INSTRUCTION in environmental simulation and public communication. June 2003-2004 the Sim Lab worked on visualizations for the Transbay Terminal-Rincon Hill are in San Francisco. The simulations were created by Peter Bosselmann, Cheryl Parker: Urban Explorer, John Bela and Maria Vasileva.

To download Transbay Terminal-Rincon Hill Powerpoint presentation (120 MB), right-click here and change the extension to .pps . 

Sister lab in New York City, located at the New School for Social Research.

Sister lab in Tokyo, Japan at the Academy Hills, Tokyo University.

Peter Bosselmann
Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

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